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Pixar exhibition Philip Hunt Studio AKA talk

Posted on May 25, 2006 Leave a Comment
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Tonight we had a talk with Philip Hunt from StudioAKA regarding the work of their studio and mainly about how Pitches are handled in London for commercial work. I love StudioAKA work, it is so eclectic, so quirky, so character design led. SO AMAZING!!!! ;-)

Have you seen their latest National lottery commercial?

I had thousands of question but only managed to ask one regarding the eternal: all rounder against specialist 3d artist. I didn’t really get his answer to be honest ;-) the only thing that I remember is that he said people should focus on the audience. Sooo… should we be story tellers then? I guess that’s what he meant but can you tell stories by just being a rigger, can you?

My new assignment is about telling a story through an animation though, no lighting or texturing will be involved. I hope that’s what he meant. Being an all rounder to me those days is not possible anymore, 3d packages are getting sooooo complicated. One thing for sure is that I will never be involved in particules effect. Never say never ;-)

Time for a quick snack and let’s start my blocking I have to quickly make a decision and decided if I am gonna use Maya this time or 3dsmax, I have to admit that I had enough with Maya. The software is so counter-intuitive that it is not a tool anymore, it has become a burden! With the 6 month experience I have had with it, that should be enough to get me a job requiring Maya now. Provided I have the animation skills though.


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