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Posted on September 14, 2006 Leave a Comment
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There are few websites I regularly visit and thought it would be a good idea to share those links with you. I have now updated my links on the right hand side and also added something that is supposed to help people to keep track of updates on the blog. I still have to understand how it works but I think I have done what I am supposed to do to make it work. If someone can explain to me how it works exactly I will be very happy. At the moment I use the Sage plugin for Firefox and I don’t really understand what the fuzz is about.

Now regarding blogger, the system works ok and does the job for many people but lacks of few features for me. Sometimes Blogger server takes for ever to upload my posts, there is no keywords option etc… I originally thought about developing my own solution but I am not too sure how to handle the archiving. I looked at other solutions like WordPress but couldn’t figure out where to put the settings for my ftp and don’t feel like having my infos stored on a third party server (well…).

Ok that’s it for today. I will create a new post with my latest AM assignment in few minutes.

[edit] I just realised that I plugged 4 PDI people. It’s not because I worship that company even if Madagascar was just the BEST CG CARTOON EVER ;-) but more because those talented people happen to share a lot about their knowledge.

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