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Registerfly, Mediatemple…

Posted on February 21, 2007  Leave a Comment
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I am soooo tired about those 2 companies and hopefully complaining about it on my own website will not attract any censorship.

Registerfly for a start. Just DON’T BUY ANY DOMAIN NAME FROM THEM!!!! if you are lucky and only have one or two domains then you are gonna be fine but if you deals with several website and run into problems…. don’t expect them to help you out.

I used to use the ticket service to get technical support but after 1 week of being ignored I started to use their phone number (they used to have a chat application but it was too ridiculous) DONT CALL THEM! If you are lucky you will get an answer within few minutes, up to 45 minutes but just don’t bother, they will always tell you that they “are really sorry but their system is currently down and they can’t check anything right now but in 24h everything should be resolved”… I waited one week , I still get the same answer and the support ticket still hasn’t be processed.

You don’t know what to do? Well try for a start. I usually try to to resist advertising featuring women in skimpy outfit but the switch seem unavoidable.
Now,….. I have always found Dot net and Dot org domain names so ironical. In few situation I found website owner trying to buy some sort of respectability or friendliness by putting a .net or .org at the end of their domain name. Was already taken when Steve Jobs embraced internet?

Mediatemple…..ok I can’t be bothered. Just for the sake of it, a short version. Where do you hear about Mediatemple?, Designiskinky, I was at recent graphic design convention and they were giving away free stickers expecting people to place them on their MacBookIntelOSXProDuoCore. Too bad I am on PC mate!

If you are involved with Graphic Design then yeah, you just can’t avoid them.

Two years ago, fed up with Rip off and unstable Webfusion/Pipex, I tried many hosting company and finally stuck my Mediatemple sticker on my PC… yeah under heavy brain wash how can you still resit guerilla marketing?

Ok yeah the short story. I have been with MT (sounds cool MT right? ;-) ) for about 2 years. First year was fine, second year was atrocious. I am a lucky bastard who happen to be on a server that still runs MySQL pretty smoothly but it wasn’t the case for other people. My problem then is not MySQL but email server related. They go down so often that I lost count. The funniest part is that they keep telling you that since they moved to “The GRID technology” (they haven’t done marketing school for nothing ya know! and look at the CG rendering of their so called Grid Servers? The two G5 they used for hosting probably wouldn’t have appeared serious enough) there shouldn’t be any downtime anymore….Downtime however do happen so they put new clusters and tell you “we added 40 new processor cluster bla bla bla so the situation should be resolved”. One week later they announce that they need to put 40 more clusters!!!! What a joke.

Oh yeah you can always take a dedicated server and try to trouble shoot their technical problems by yourself !

And for the fun of it read their System Status panel to see the biggest bunch of Mediatemple fans appraising the good work at their holly hosting company despite their website being down for more than 48h. Don’t expect to see my comments, they get edited out most of the time.

If you can afford to have your website down for more than 48h then you can surely add a .net or .org at the end of you domain name!


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