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Registerfly part II

Posted on February 23, 2007  Leave a Comment
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At least I can comfort myself and say that just like 900.000 other Registerfly customers, I am victim of a huge criminal affair, the Registerfly story would make a great plot for a hollywood movie.

Just the short story, it is 2.45am and I am still trying to rescue my customers domain names and my own ones.

I will just quote this extract from counter official website:

“Site Hacked and Data Corrupted

Attention everyone. I just received confirmation that the Registerfly site has currently been hacked into and taken over by Kevin Medina in the Florida officeI was asked to put this up here due to the amount of customers that are sending money. At this moment, they are trying to get police in Florida to arrest Kevin immediately..”

Yep the site has supposedly been hacked by their former CEO who took refuge in Florida where he would be still operating, putting in jeopardy a shy 2.000.000 domain names.


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