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Sketches from Annecy

Posted on June 19, 2007  4 Comments
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With all the screenings and all the people to meet, I found it really difficult to find the time to sketch but eventually forced myself to do it in the last days.

Sitting at the terrasse of a coffee shop, I thought it would be a great place to draw people walking in the street but as usual they walk too fast so I ended up sketching the people around us.
In a bar late at night
Terrase of a coffee shop. I had to draw those 2 girls in brown. Same outfit, different proportions.
View from the Café des Arts. I really struggle with colours but I still like to experiment. Sorry for the mess ;-)
Pixar animators Patty Kihm and Ross Stevenson during a presentation of their work on Ratatouillle. “Yeah man” is the stamp of approval from Brad Bird when a shot is approved.

“Surf’s Up” co director Chris Jenkins and Chris Buck.


Gary Rydstrom during the presentation of the Pixar’s “Lifted”. Very nice animation, very nice rendering, but I didn’t like the character designs or the story. The human seem to be coming straight from Pixar generig, and the aliens just looked like blobs put together. The story is okayish. The audience seemed to like it but I found it a bit weak compared to the more subtle “Gery’s game” or “For the birds”. Actually, Blur’s “Gentlemen Duel” got an even crazier response from the audience compared to Lifted.


On the way back to London after the Customs confiscated the Reblochon cheese I intended to use for a nice tartiflette. Damn.

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