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Acting shot 1 char (getting there)

Posted on September 1, 2007  Leave a Comment
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Here is my latest version just before going for dinner.

I still haven’t done much changes on the body mechanics (I actually made things worse;-) ) but decided to focus on my lip sync and the facial work instead. I never managed to get into that kind of stuff before as I normally get stuck just before.

This time was a lot of experimentation and I am really enjoying it. I am mainly working in linear and keying all my eases and overshoots. I will clean the redundant keys later using the G buffer curves in the graph editor. Some people like Victor Navone would have done it all in spline but I still don’t trust maya or I haven’t quite reach Victor’s level yet ;-)

Ideally I would need to learn how to import and render displacement  maps in Maya so I could use a low level hat wrapped deformed to Bishops head instead of this million polygon hat straight out of Zbrush. If anyone knows how to do that, let me know!


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