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No directors comments!

Posted on February 18, 2008  3 Comments
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Yes I found the movie a bit dull and nearly fell asleep watching it twice but it’s still a Pixar movie so today I bought the Ratatouille DVD to be able to finally watch it frame by frame. Isn’t it the way every animated feature should be watched?? The animation is outstanding and watching frame by frame is the only way to see how you create entertaining performances.

I bought the DVD because it is still a very nice piece of work but also for the beautifull end credits, the 100% keyframed animation logo, the awesome “Your friend the rat” short and ultimately for the Directors comments. Come on who doesn’t want to hear the guy who started at Disney under Milt Kahl aged 14 telling you a bit more about HIS movie? (ok he rewrote it).

I bought the DVD to hear Brad Bird and some animators talking me through the film and did I get this??? Did I get this??? NOOOOOOO. There are NO DIRECTORS COMMENTS!!!. I am really disapointed Pixar. It ‘s the second time after Cars!!! Except the “Your friend the rat” short (did I say how brilliant it is already?) I don’t see why anyone would buy the 2 DISCS EDITION!!! Most of the “Extra features” are already on AOL website or Itunes!!! It’s like if they were encouraging piracy to me. Give me something meaty Pixar or I am not gonna buy your DVDs anymore!
I am soooo disappointed.


Has anyone seen “Your friend the rat”? They won an Annie award for best short few weeks ago did you know?
Directed by Jim Capobianco. The production design was led by Nate Wragg, with Teddy Newton doing the character design, with the help of Bob Scott and Scott Morse handled backgrounds.

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