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HTC Touch HD, my new toy!

Posted on December 9, 2008  Leave a Comment
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I I jumped on the bandwagon and got myself one of the fanciest mobile phone on the market. I am not talking about the “Iphone 3g” but the HTC Touch HD and that phone is really really cool.

Now what is the difference with the “Jesus phone 3g” ?

Well it does everything the Iphone does and few more things. For example you can:
– copy and paste (doh)
– run several applications at the same time
– play full res Divx and Xvid videos (using TCMP)
– change the battery
– swap MicroSD cards (it comes with a 8gb SD card)
– record videos
– use it as a wifi router or a cabled one
– it comes with a very slick stylus
– with a bit of trickery you can view Flash websites (only in USA et UK)
– it synchronizes Outlook Notes and tasks
– connects to Exchange corporate emails
– really fine 800*480 pixels screen
– ultimately it doesn’t drop phone calls!!!

I am too busy at the moment to explore everysingle function but so far I love that phone. After nearly 4 years, I finally ditched my Palm T5 and my recent Nokia N95, the Touch HD replaces all my devices. No need to carry all my chargers and cables with me anymore just a regular Mini usb.


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