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Windows Mobile best applications

Posted on December 15, 2008 1 Comment
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I will use this post as a repository for my favourite Windows Mobile Applications:

AE Button plus
This utility extends functionality of hardware keys on Windows Mobile devices. It allows you to:

  • intercept almost any standard button: application buttons, WM5 SoftKeys, Volume slider, Action and even Red/Green phone buttons
  • distinguish up to 4 different keypress events on each button grabbed (single, double, triple and “long” keypresses).
  • remap each of the keypress events to “virtual” application button or assign them directly to one of the wide set of built-in actions.
  • As a result you may “convert” volume slider to up/down arrows, assign several essential application buttons to these “SoftKey” buttons and even assign your favorit alternative dialer to red/green phone buttons.

    G-watch is a stopwatch/countdown that uses your built in GPS to track how much distance you have covered running/cycling/driving. It is really really cool. It is still a beta version but worked very well for me. On my way to my training I uploaded that application to my phone and was happy to finally know my running speed and the distance I ran. This will be great to set goals and improve my running speed.

    BBC Iplayer:
    Ok that one is not really an application but you can find the steps to allow the BBC Iplayer on your HD on the following website

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