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Princess Mononoke backstage

Posted on June 23, 2009  Leave a Comment
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A series of videos showing the behind the scenes of Miyasaki’s “Princess Mononoke” surfaced on the Youtube a while ago. I would recommend anyone interested in Miyasaki’s work to watch that really long documentary (3 x 15 videos) showing some exceptional footage from Ghibli’s backstage.

Some interesting moments are when Miyazaki works out the story plot using schematic drawings but also how he goes about choosing colours or framing the action. It is also fascinating to see him working on a messy desk amongst the other artists in a cramped office which is probably the old studio.

From the author:
“This Backstage of Princess Mononoke consists of 3 documentary series directed by Toshio URATANI, who rolled a small VCR for overall of 300 hours (before editing of course!)during his 2-year reporting of Studio Ghibli and its struggles in making the phenomenal animation film Princess Mononoke (released in 1997).


The 3 series proceed as follows:

The 1st series starts as 1-1/14 and ends at 1-14/14.. Chapter 1. The begining”

The 2nd series starts as 2-1/15 and ends at 2-15/15. Chapter 2. Breath life into the characters

The 3rd series starts as 3-1/15 and ends at 3-15/15 (the end.) Chapter 3. Beyond the records


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