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Jeff Gabor Ice Age 3 walkthrough videos

Posted on July 10, 2009  11 Comments
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Comparison Reel

Comparison Reel

He did it again! If you missed Annie nominated Jeff Gabor‘s “Horton hears a who” comparison reel, make sure you check out his new Ice Age 3 comparison reel and …. something I had never seen before, a day by day shot walkthrough so you can check how he goes from layout to final polish step by step in 33 days.

Some people might be surprised by the density of his stepblocking or how long it took to finish that great 11 seconds shot but that’s what it takes to create outstanding shots. I wonder how he felt about the change of soundtrack in the movie though.

Just like Horton, watching the shot frame by frame without the motion blur or fur simulation is a pure delight.

Thanks Jeff!

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