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Modeling “Rickshaw” timelapse part 02

Posted on October 1, 2009  Leave a Comment
Filed under Animation, Portfolio

Moving forward, this is 1 hour of work in 5 minutes. I used Camtasia this time so the result should be a bit smoother. Unfortunately Camtasia pause button didn’t work so 2 hours are missing, you won’t see the entire panel detailing sequence and few other things. Sorry.


In that part I am struggling to do some really tricky rounded corners, then adjusting the roof and the general proportions for something a bit more cartoony.

Maya doesn’t have a great Symmetry modifiers like Max so I had to concentrate on only one side which I will mirror at a later stage.

I finally found some really good references, that’s gonna be really helpfull to add some nice details in the next video. Thanks everyone for your feedback!

By the way the original video is a quicktime movie. Remember that you can download it directly from Vimeo, the button is at the bottom right.



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