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“She has the voice of an angel”

Posted on October 10, 2009  Leave a Comment
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Disney behind the scenes

Disney behind the scenes

If you missed that exclusive “Disney’s behind the scene” Animation Mentor podcast, plug your headphones and head toward the AM website for a great interview between Animation Podcast Clay Kaytis and 5 artist who joined Disney after going through Disney’s internship, the “Talent development program”.

It is 1h20 long so there are a lot of great little gems in that podcast. Sneaking into other schools guest lectures, watching bad movies are some very interesting advice. Not too geek out when you bump onto your childhood heros is probably a very difficult one.

One of the guys is really really funny and I love his impersonations of Eric Goldberg and Andreas Deja: “Come to check out that Youtube video in my office, she has a voice like an angel!”.


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