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“Paperwalker” Florian Satzinger

Posted on November 20, 2009 2 Comments
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Thanks to Jean Denis Haas at Spungella, I rediscovered the work of incredible Austrian character designer Florian Satzinger. I got acquainted with his work through an interview on Character design blogspot few years ago.

His work is great, I love it, and reading his interview I am not surprised. We have the exact same tastes: Dr Seuss, Franquin, Disney classics like “Sword and the stone”, “Robin Hood”, “Rescuers”! And this is without counting the fact that for some reason I also love cartoony ducks like Daffy Duck or “Double duck” for those of you interested in contemporary Italian Disney comics. When I was 15 my signature drawing was a very cool Razor Blades wearing bodyboarder Duck. I might still be able to draw it but remember…. I was 15 ;-)

Lately I found myself sketching characters wearing transparent deep sea diving hardhats and didn’t really know where the idea came from but looking at his work again, I guess this is what got me inspired ;-)


Bullet points:
Ken Southworth is his main inspiration
He draws with red or blue Col-Erase pencils, common mechanical pencils and photoshop

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