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La dama y la muerte (short film)

Posted on February 18, 2010  3 Comments
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La dama y la muerte

There are so many short film coming out all the time and I have so little free time that I tend to miss on a lot of little gems especially when the provided screenshot doesn’t do justice to the work.

“La dama y la muerte” (The lady and the reaper) is one of those short films I would have missed if my friend Dan didn’t tell me about it. I love the design of the characters especially “La muerte”, the wacky layout and storyboard, the cartoony animation, the lighting. This reminded me a lot of the wackiness in “The emperor’s new groove” which is a very good thing.

actually… even my friend Jamie told me about it since it was animated in 3dsmax and rendered in his favourite rendering engine Mental ray


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