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Chiustream Interviews

Posted on March 21, 2010  Leave a Comment
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If like me you are a TV addict and naively switch it on for dinner to find yourself still watching “Commando” at 2am then you need to change your habits.

At the moment, the best remedy I found is to watch Bobby Chiu’s “Chiustreams” interview. The great thing about those is that they are related to the animation industry but more than anything, he has been interviewing some very very inspiring artists from day 1!

The one I was watching this morning is with Kris Pearn, a Sheridan graduates currently working as a story board artist in the Feature animation industry after working for many years in TV. If anyone is interested in Storyboarding, you will find this very interesting. He explains a lot about how you get into the job of story board artist, what it implies to work with outsourcing studios, the difference between TV and Feature, being a Jack of all trades…

Anyway that one is great

and here is his blog


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