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Wacom settings

Posted on April 3, 2010  2 Comments
Filed under Animation, Education

My friend Patrick asked me about my wacom settings but I tend to use my Intuos3 less and less those days I must admit.

First it takes a lot of desk space and forces you to move the keyboard way too far back for good typing position, second I suffer from RSI as much with the wacom than with the standard issued Microsoft mouse (as long as you keep your wrist in a natural position and not flat) and third ….. I find it fairly imprecise especially when used with 2 screens so once in a while I drag and drop a folder into an other one by mistake. Yes I could get a widescreen tablet but come on, what is the point of having a nice dark solid oak desk if you can’t see it anymore!

Ah and I also have my conspiration theory!!! How safe is it to have a Wacom radio emitter radiating through your hand and forearm all day? Any research on that?!

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