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KMPlayer, best video player ever!

Posted on June 12, 2010  21 Comments
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Update May 08 2013/ I just installed version and I am delighted to say that H264 files now loop but there is a big issue for us animators….. The audio feedback doesn’t work anymore when step framing!

Right let’s see if I have an older version on my hard drive.

It's like Magic!

If you don’t know about KMPlayer, you probably think that VLC IS the best player ever. Very wrong! VLC is alright, but KMPlayer is much better, especially if you happen to be an animator.

KMP is a Korean Windows Media player on Steroids. It has thousands of features but for animators, the ones that makes it standout are the following:

Opens and play XVID/Divx footage frame by frame, forward and backward …. with sound feedback. Except Premiere, do you know any player that does that? This function alone makes it perfectly suited for troubleshooting lipsync.
Plays H264 quicktimes
Setup In and out points and loop between the two (A-B function)
Takes automatic screenshots (great for generating colorscripts)
Hotkeys that make sense! Space bar to toggle the playback, 1 to play in half size, 2 original and 3 double size.
You can autohide the interface so only the video is visible
You can loads as many videos as you want and have them all playing. Great to pretend you are the master of the univers.

I made a walkthrough as a PDF file. Check it out:

KMPlayer walkthrough v. 1.5

Direct download link

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