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Salesman Pete Trailer

Posted on June 2, 2010 
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don’t you like it when 3d doesn’t look like 3d? The short film I featured some time ago is shaping up nicely! I have no clue what the story is about but the visuals are stunning! Much more interesting than a lot of things I have seen lately.

And as a reminder of the awesome visual style of Supinfocom shortfilms, here is 2006 Zoudov

and my friend Gu’s shortfilm, Scotch. Who cares about Story when you have great visuals!

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Walk challenge – refine

Posted on June 1, 2010 
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Sorry for the lack of update but I just came back from a great trip in beautiful Slovakia. I love Europe.

So, the results are in :

Walk challenge Winners

Well with the amount of work I set myself to, I didn’t expect to win but man…. to not even be featured!!! That really sucks! (Syndrome’s voice). I know my entry is not finished but still….. was it about the branding or the fact that it doesn’t …. well… that it doesn’t cycle :-) ? ahah yes that could be the reason.

Tyler Kakac’s disco walk was really funny and highly polished despite being a bit off topic. Disco in the early 70s? It is more like late 70s to me. Anyway he is my winner amongst all the other entries, lot of character in that cycle. Check out his showreel (not Apple handset friendly at all, remember, Flash blows up your batteries so you are not allowed to use it on your expensive device)¬†

It is nice to see Eleonor, a friend AMer, win third place with a not so customized Bishop rig. Congrat girl!

The winner is a really cool cycle too. I would have voted that one second though. He also has a nice reel!

Ah and here is the entry I sent by the way. It would have benefited from 2 more days of work but it was really difficult to find more time for it and I was really looking forward to my first holidays in 6 month.

I hope you like it and have a look at the related posts if you are interested in watching thought process, layout, blocking and changes. I won’t spend more time on it though, I have more important shots to finish. Time to get back to my short film!!!

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