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Walk cycles from Disney Robin Hood

Posted on April 23, 2011 
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A compilation of walk Cycles from Disney’s 1973 Feature “Robin Hood”?

What a great excuse to watch Robin Hood again! Robin, “Sword in the stone”, “Jungle Book” and “The rescuers” are my favorite Disney movies.

Does anyone know who designed the characters by the way? I think Milt Kahl did a lot of character design towards the end of his career but I think I remember Ken Anderson was doing them before him, any idea?


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Full Sail showreel

Posted on April 16, 2011 
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At the beginning of Animation Mentor, AAU was kicking butt. It seems that other traditional brick and mortar schools, helped by the release of Norman to the public, have now upped their game. More and more great showreels are coming out of Florida based Full Sail university. I would be curious to know how high are the tuition fees though, French Gobelin’s nearly free tuition is long gone but we are still really far from north american’s costs.

If some of you are following Andrew Gordon’s website, you probably remember Drew Winey’s Pirate entry from the last Spline Doctors contest. I thought is other schoolmate should have won the competition but after watching Drew’s latest showreel I have to admit that the guy is really talented and I am not surprised he got hired by ReelFX.

I would also encourage people to check out his blog and see for yourself how he might have gotten where he is. Many animators are concentrating on long acting shots where Drew seems to be favouring quick 1 to 2 days shots that have a lot of entertainment value.

Drew Winey’s blog

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Mike Walling … avec une moustache!

Posted on April 14, 2011 
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Mike and I have been working on a French version of his great animation tutorial videos for the past few weeks and they are now available on the JRWebinar store page.

It is not very often that you see a video tutorial with a top feature animator working in a commercial package so you must recommend the videos to all your french speaking friends!

Mike Walling … avec des moustaches!

Mike Walling et moi avons travaillé pendant quelques semaines sur une version francaise de ses vidéo tutoriel de mécanique corporelle. Les vidéos sont à présent disponible sur le magasin virtuel (store) du site de Jason Ryan.

Mike Walling a commencé sa carriére d’animateur en 2001 et a joint Dreamworks en 2010 aprés avoir travaillé sur des films aussi prestigieux que L’Age de glace, Horton, ou Surf’s Up.

Ce n’est pas tous les jours que l’on peut voir un animateur de trés haut niveau travailler sur un logiciel commercial, aussi cette vidéo doit étre recommandée à tous les débutants et les animateurs plus aguerris qui rêvent un jour de travailler dans un studio de cinéma d’animation. Rappellons que les studios Dreamworks et Pixar utilisent des logiciels d’animation propriétaire aussi, rare sont les animateurs de ces deux studios qui connaissent Maya sur le bout des doigts.

Pour la traduction, j’ai repris la terminologie utilisée par Richard Williams dans son ouvrage Techniques d’animation. Les termes Key poses, breakdown, inbetween et spacing ont été respectivement traduits par Pose clefs, intervalle principal/breakdown, intervalle et espacement.
Les termes Ease in, drag, overlap, overshoot ont quant à eux été traduits par amorti, retard, chevauchement et dépassement.

Jason Ryan webinar website

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Ianimate new promo video

Posted on April 10, 2011 
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I am surprised not everyone knows about Ianimate yet. Good thing Jason Ryan just released a new promotional video explaining how the school works and showing the work of the first batch of students. You can also see the rigs they are providing to the students and some of them are really really appealing.

Ianimate is not as big as Animation Mentor yet so you might not be able to build up a huge network of animators friends as quickly as with the Berkeley based online school but all the Ianimate mentors are top Dreamworks animators which is perfect for someone wanting to work specifically in feature animation.

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‘Reel’y Inspiring!

Posted on April 2, 2011 
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one more quick post to feature that awesome Vimeo Channel, a huge collection of animation showreels:

‘Reel’y Inspiring!

Vimeo used to have a TV function that would be ideal to watch that channel but I am not sure where to find it anymore.

And also a very cool collection of Progression Reels and other behind the scenes of your favourite animation:

Animation Progression Reels