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CTN Animator tools of the trade

Posted on June 14, 2011  3 Comments
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Still don’t know what CTN is? Check out the CTN Vimeo channel.

and here are several talks I really liked. I haven’t watched them all yet but the line up is pretty amazing. I just came back from Annecy where we were really spoilt but this is seriously impressive. A discussion between Victor Navone, Michal Makarewicz, Carlos Baena, Aaron Hartline, and a candid Andreas Deja, Peter de Séve, Sergio Pablos, Don Bluth…

I couldn’t make it last year, this year might be my first.

Andreas Deja just started a blog by the way and he is posting some never seen artwork from Disney legends. Deja View. The Ward Kimball sketches he posted are really sweet, too bad the final Three Caballeros shortfilm looked a bit different.

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