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Asus eee slate ep121 Zbrush demo

Posted on September 5, 2011 2 Comments
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Here is an interesting video made by one of my Animation Mentor fellow showcasing the Asus ep121 used with Zbrush.

The ep121 is a TabletPC equipped with an intel i5 cpu and a standard issued wacom digitizer. The video doesn’t show anything really revolutionary but it is always nice to see professional artist softwares demonstrated on a TabletPC. I still don’t understand why TabletPC makers only target business people when artists would jump on those if they new they existed. The ep121 is on sale for a bit more than $1000/less than 1000 euros.

I already have several tablet PC so I don’t think I will get that one but who knows what will happen when I see it at BestBuy in Emeryville!

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