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Premiere CS 5.5 uncompressed output … not … [fixed]

Posted on January 3, 2012 8 Comments
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[update] the problem is fixed! It is due to the misleading Adobe’s Microsoft AVI format which overrides anything you do and makes your video blurry.

When creating your project, use “I-frame only MPEG” for example, instead of that weired Adobe Microsoft AVI format.

[Original post]

I have been using Adobe Premiere since version 4.2 and as I bought a new fancy 64 bits laptop, I decided to upgrade from Premiere CS2 to CS 5.5 but it is driving me crazy.

As you can see above (click on the picture to see it full screen), Premiere 5.5 doesn’t seem to be willing to export a video to an .avi file with no compression to it. I have tried every possible option, did a fair amount of research on Google and Youtube but I can’t find any help on why Premiere is making my footage blurry when I am asking for a straight uncompressed video file as seen on the timeline.

Has anyone gone through the same thing? If I have to spend one more day on this I will have to revert to Premiere Pro CS2. Ah and the Uncompressed AVI option they have now is just a disaster waiting to happen, what were they thinking? How many people got fooled into thinking it was actually an …. uncompressed AVI option! ;-) I wonder if software makers ever have users test their softwares nowadays or is it the result of the current recession?

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