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Mark Andrews Calart lecture

Posted on April 4, 2012  1 Comment
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Working on a new short film and a series of comics stips, I am really into story and storyboarding those days so expect several posts about the topic.

If the only copy of Incredibles you have is a pirated version without the exceptional behind the scenes (they don’t do extras like this anymore unfortunately), then you probably don’t know how intense Mark Andrews can be.

You are in luck though, someone just posted part of a lecture he gave at Calart.

As a Splinedoctor podcasts listener, you know there is a new trend at Pixar where people don’t pitch storyboards by performing as an actor in front of the audience anymore. Instead they totally down-play the pitch and that is exactly what Andrews does here.

An other interesting note is, DO NOT THUMBNAIL! Thumbnailing is about being precious. Instead you must draw rough. You must communicate your ideas as fast as possible so the bad ideas get put aside quickly.

Check it out, it is very entertaining and as a side note, it looks like Michael Giacchino is in the audience with his kid.


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