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CGMA Story Week 04

Posted on May 29, 2012 2 Comments
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This week Steve asked us to analyse some movie sequences in thumbnails, I chose one of the first sequence from Akira Kurosawa’s very graphic movie Ran. I could have used some tones but I am not very good at that yet. Instead I went for clean sketches. This exercise is very interesting as it makes us really pay attention to the kind of decisions directors take. The use of long lenses here is very unusual.

The second assignment was to get acquainted with camera lenses and different type of cinematographic shots. I now a thing or two about camera lenses so instead I decided to do some sort of tutorial. The panel 03 (Change of lens with moving camera) is probably the most interesting. For that one, I wanted to show how flat the picture can look when using long lenses. It is a great trick when you want to frame two character of different height or if you want to make the distance between two characters seem smaller.

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