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The 180 degree rule

Posted on August 18, 2012 
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Few weeks ago, Karim my younger brother from an other mum and dad, reminded me that Mark Andrews (aka Mandrews) and Ted Mathot had been interviewed by Andrew Gordon for a great Story Splinecast back in 2007.

I had completely forgotten about that one and was surprised to see that I even left a blurb in the comment section ;-)

With the release of Brave which Mandrews directed, I HAD to listen to that interview again and I certainly had forgotten all the great gems it contained and how different Mandrews profile is compared to other Pixar directors. Well we didn’t know he would go on directing a Pixar movie in 2007 and I expected him to go on directing live action instead.

The little gem I wanted to shed light on today is the one where he talks about the “180 degree rule”. Some directors Mandrews worked with would never break it but others seem to be a bit more partial. Check it out

“Mark Andrews 180 degree rule”

I would recommend you to listen to the entire Spline cast.

Story Spline Cast with Mark Andrews and Ted Mathot

Zoom vs Truck in

Posted on August 18, 2012 
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Sorry for the lack of posts but I am addicted to internet and Social websites so the last remedy I found to be more productive is to cut off my internet connection. I do post some WIPs on Twitter once in a while though.

Right, since I am doing a lot of research in Storyboarding and Layout those days, I have decided to add a new Cinematography tag to my blog and “Zoom” vs “Truck-in” will be my first post.

“Zoom vs Truck-In” is something I have had to deal with a lot lately and I found a great example in the first iteration of Kung Fu Panda and the awesome bridge sequence. It is not very often that you find the two concepts applied on two consecutive shots but they did it, starting with a Truck-in and followed by a dramatic Zoom on Tai Lung