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“The Quest of Digduguesclin” in Pixel glory

Posted on October 11, 2012  1 Comment
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My friend Sebastien Lasserre just released his 34 minutes shortfilm to the public and an official website showcasing some of the artwork that went into the making of the “short”. (few more minutes and it was a feature ;-) )

Sebastien took a year off from work to dedicate to this project, a shorfilm mixing medieval storyline and 8 bits video game references all animated in Pixels.

My only contribution was moral support as I only discovered the finished shortfilm when it premiered last year in Bayonne.

I should also note that the music and sound design was handled by my good buddy Vincil from Ummo whom I mentionned a while back on this blog.

Grab some drinks and popcorn, sit back and enjoy.

In the year of grace 1351, the entire kingdom is devastated.
Begged for by the king in order to reverse the cursed Malsanto,
Bertrand sets off on a long journey…
Scénario, director : Sébastien Lasserre
Dialogues : Michel Pasut et Sébastien Lasserre
Music : Sylvain Aubert,

Character design research

After viewing the short don’t forget to check his other stop motion short films, and especially “Christmas time” which was selected at Annecy few years ago.

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