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Looney Tunes Shorts online!

Posted on November 10, 2012  1 Comment
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I just got told that the first two ReelFX’s “Looney tunes” shorts are now available online.

If you missed those look no further and watch them in their full 1080p glory on their own Youtube channel.

The TDs did an incredible job to allow the animator to push CG animation to an extent that was never permitted before. Crazy smear frames, multi limbs, out of the ordinary facial and body poses.

I am still waiting to see the entire Daffy’s Rhapsody but the wait shouldn’t take too long.

I also want to point out that ReelFX’s Supervising TD Josh Carey and the other guys from Rigging Dojo have an incredible source of information on their website so you must subscribe to both their newsletter, and blog’s RSS Feed, even if like me you are not a professional TD but only want to understand how things work and learn few things along the way.

Lately they have had some really good interviews with Sony’s Character and Animation TD Martin Orlowski for his work on “Pirates ! Band of Misfits” (I am wondering more and more how much was stop motion now….) and Sony’s TD Tim Coleman for his work on “Spiderman” and “Hotel Transylvania”. The latter was only available on the Newsletter so this is why you need to subscribe to both.

That’s it for today. I will write a longer article about the importance of communication between TDs and Animators an other day.

Thanks Amy for the heads up.

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