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Rich Moore “Wreck it Ralph” Talks at Google

Posted on November 12, 2012  1 Comment
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I don’t like when people just post links to stuff without taking the time to write an introduction or some commentary but this is what I will do today ;-)

Hehe, actually I still have to write a little blurb as Google’s Doodler Creative Lead Ryan Germick is once again hosting a great interview with this time “Wreck it Ralph”‘s director Rich Moore.

I love Ryan’s interviews as he always does a lot of research before interviewing people and has a lot of great questions which he asks with a lot of humour.

“Wreck it Ralph” hasn’t opened yet in France but I will certainly see it next week after attending CTN. By the way, I am free if someone wants to invite me at Disney for a visit next week, even if it is just to lead me to the gift shop ;-)

Thanks Google, Ryan and obviously Rich Moore!

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