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“Messy goes to Okido” animation showreel

Posted on May 22, 2016 
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That’s it, with the “Dizzy” episode having aired last week, my final showreel is here!!!!

A lot of lessons were learnt working on the production, some positive, some negative but I am really proud of the result. I think it looks very impressive considering it was Doodle Productions first TV series. I will be looking back at the lessons learnt in a following post but for now, I hope you will enjoy this great show I was privileged to work on few years ago.

Ah! and if you live in the UK and want to see more episodes, here is a link with the latest episodes

Showreel cover image

Olivier Ladeuix “Messy goes to Okido” Showreel 2015

Pose library

Pose library I created for Mayor Oki’s character

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