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Animation Workshop portfolio application

Posted on July 12, 2017  Leave a Comment
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Here is a selection of :

1. Comics
2. Illustrations and work doodles
3. Long life drawing poses
4. Short Life drawing poses
5. Sketches from life
6. Storyboards

Thanks for viewing

Portfolio-Comics.01 Portfolio-Comics.02 Portfolio-Illus-01 Portfolio-Illus-02 Portfolio-Long.Poses.01 Portfolio-Long.Poses.02 Portfolio-Long.Poses.03 Portfolio-Short.Poses.01 Portfolio-Short.Poses.02 Portfolio-sketch.01 Portfolio-sketch.02 Portfolio-Story.Pressing.01 Portfolio-Story.Pressing.02 Portfolio-Story.Pressing.03 Portfolio-Story.Thirsty.01 Portfolio-Story.Thirsty.02 Portfolio-Story.Thirsty.03 Portfolio-Story.Thirsty.04

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