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Tangled / notes on eye lids and eye lashes

Posted on January 6, 2020  | Leave a Comment
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I don’t know where I got this from but here are some notes I had buried in my hard drive. I am guessing this is an answer to a Q&A with Disney animators who worked on Tangled.

Having attended Animsquad, I am aware about the importance of eyelashes and I had been told a while back that eyelashes could be animated on a show like Tangled.

Without further ado, here are the notes :

As far as eyes are concerned, for Tangled, We Payed HUGE attention to eye lids. every frame was tuned to Glen’s drawings for the max appeal. Another HUGE things we really spent time on were the eye lashes, Mainly Rapunzel and Mother Gothel. Glen stressed the importance of the lid shape, the tension in the lower lids, the shape of the lower lids, and where the eye lashes were pointing. In Alot of cases we would point the lashes where the character was looking, to help guide the viewer’s eye and boost the appeal of the character. I think the eye lashes and lid shapes are something really overlooked alot of the time, But these are HUGE tools that can be used to gain appeal and to show what the character is feeling.

Also some people think its the rigging. The rigs for these characters were very simple when it came to mouth and eye shapes. For the eye lids we only had three controls for the edge of the top and bottom lids, two corner controls, and open and close rotation controls. sometimes Less is more with controls, It makes it harder to get lost in the rig.

Hope that helps!!! On behalf of the crew, Thanks for the great comments!

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Scott Clark showcasing Pixar’s Presto

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I don’t think I ever posted that old video where Supervising Animator Scott Clark, takes us behind the scenes and quickly features Pixar’s animation software, Presto, and Sulley’s dance shot from Monsters University.

I love the little aparté on Motion Capture and I can only agree:

“It isn’t realism that we are trying to get in animation, I would just be a Mocap artist (otherwise), I wouldn’t be an animator.”


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Live action “Slow burn”

Posted on June 16, 2019  | Leave a Comment
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Great example of live action “slow burn” from British TV show “Eastenders.

The context of that sequence:
“Vanessa’s fiancé was cheating on her with his ex-wife (soap opera’s for you ;-) ). He booked a betsit for them to have their affair but she (Vanessa) found out, went to the bedsit and found a note on the table saying ‘bubblys in the fridge’ basically telling the woman he was cheating with, that there was champagne in the fridge for her to help herself to.”

Albert Lozano “Inside out”

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I was lucky to have Albert Lozano as character design teacher while attending Animation Collaborative in 2011 but my drawing abilities didn’t allow me to make the most of that great opportunity.

Albert rarely appears on social medias so it was great to find this little video insight into Albert’s thought process when designing characters, starting from simple shapes based on the personality of the characters.

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Monsters at work

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Few month ago I was joining Dwarf animation in sunny Montpellier to work on the Monsters Inc TV series and today, Disney finally announced “Monsters at work, the TV series based on the Monsters inc universe.

The project is looking stunning and obviously I can’t say more than what was made public so if you are eager to know more about it, head off to the Pixar Pod where T.J. and Julie did a brilliant detective work! ;)

Lip sync observations Pixar “Onwards”

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If you have liked my old Toy Story lip sync article, you will love this little video where I am studying the lip sync of a shot from Pixar’s forthcoming movie “Onward”.

Ideally, you want to download the video and play it frame by frame with a media player like KMPlayer, Keyframe MP or RV for the lucky ones.

It is also possible to play the videos frame by frame in Youtube and Vimeo after pausing the video. Use Shift + Left or Right arrow in Vimeo, coma (,) or dot (.) in Youtube.

Download link

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Disney’s “Moana” behind the scene

Posted on May 1, 2019  | Leave a Comment
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It looks like I never posted this.

Pretty short but interesting behind the scene video. I am mostly posting it as it features Maui’s facial rig and GUI picker.

On a side note, I have the feeling the animator is navigating through the brow picker using the left right keys of his keyboard.

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Pixar animation software part III

Posted on May 1, 2019  | Leave a Comment
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This article is the third of a three part series

Pixar animation software part 1

Pixar animation software part 2

I have just found a very old Pixar presentation where Pete Docter demonstrates an antique version of Pixar’s animation software Menv (Presto) running on Silicon Graphics.

The concept hasn’t changed much but the software allows much more finessing nowadays.

Have a look and compare to the latest iteration of the software featured in Part I and Part II below.

Pete Docter


Pixar Menv facial work

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Joe Moshier interview

Posted on April 11, 2019  | Leave a Comment
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I just found one of those rare Joe Moshier interviews. It is in French but Google Translate should do the job.

Joe Moshier is one of the greatest character designer but similarly to Paul Felix, his life is pretty secretive. If it wasn’t for his credits on some of the most visually interesting Disney movies like “Emperor’s new groove” or “Home on the range”, you wouldn’t know about him.

Joe joined Dreamworks few years ago to work on several projects. Here is the French article followed by a quick video interview. Sorry the new version of WordPress breaks the layout of my blog :-(

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John Carter of Mars – Patrick Giusiano’s process

Posted on April 6, 2019  | Leave a Comment
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Many red moons ago, Disney partnered with Double Negative to bring to the screen Edgar Rice Burroughs’s novel “John Carter of Mars” and more specifically the character animation of the Tharks under the helm of Pixar brain trustee/ “Finding Nemo’s” director Andrew Stanton.

Here are few behind the scenes videos and a great animation process walkthrough by Patrick Giusiano followed by a series of related articles.

John Carter 01

John Carter 02 John Carter 03

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