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You can find the list of companies and projects I was part of on my LinkedIn page  or my IMDB profile and here a selection of my favorite work, Grizzy, Helen and Fungus are password protected by company policy. Contact me for the password.

Maya scripts I have developed at home are available freely on my GitHub page for educational, and even commercial purposes if you wish, others are the propriety of my employers and can’t be shared. The scripts are fully commented so you could definitely learn scripting by reading them.

Studio Hari’s “Grizzy and the lemmings”

That show was animated in a really snappy “pose to pose” style. Transitions between poses were reduced to 3/4 frames which led to a style of animation a bit too stiff for my taste but it was a fun show where I was able to experiment with more exaggerated poses and timing. One regret was the fact that the audio was recorded afterward so the grunts don’t match the facial performance, I am not sure what would be a better way to go about it other than having the audio recorded beforehand like regular productions.

Superprod’s “Helen’s little school”

Helen, or “Wubby school” as it was originally called, was my first TV show when coming back to France post-Brexit. I was a pleasure to go back to cartoony animation under the lead of inspiring animator Alex Villemin.

Double Negative’s “Fungus the bogeyman”

This was my breakthrough into VFX. I was hoping to then end up on Double Negative’s first animated feature but the project kept being delayed.

Here is the showreel for my work on “Messy goes to Okido”, a TV show done at Doodle productions followed by a technical showreel as I helped out with some rigging tasks.


You can find below some of my modeling and game animation work, the Microsoft/Rare showreel is still available on my Vimeo channel

This is a compilation of Maya, 3dsmax and Zbrush models I made throughout the years, I always loved modeling but admittedly, I never spent much time learning good topology.

Here is a compilation of sketches, life drawings, drawings and digital paintings.

And this is a teaser for my next Storyboarding portfolio. I have started learning Storyboarding and hope to do more in the future.