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That’s some fancy PC you have got!

Posted on February 25, 2006  Leave a Comment
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for those of you wondering what kind of equipment you need for Animation Mentor, here is a picture of my current computer. Yes it is fancy but not really in a cosmetic kind of way ;-)

What you need is basically a motherboard and CPU for less than £100. £50 worth of Ram, a £50 Gforce graphic card, a £40 HD, a £15 power supply and let’s go a bit crazy with a £25 DVD burner dual layer ;-)

You might want to get a trolley to be able to move the pc around without disturbing the layout! For the people with very sharp eyes, yes it is resting on an old VCR and a piece of cardboard for insulation and yes the MOBO is a bit big so the DVD burner is laid over the PCI port…..

behold the fancy equipment


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