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How about a pickle?

Posted on March 15, 2007  1 Comment
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Animation mentor winter 2007 showreel is finally out! Congratulation to all my fellow students who made it. some truely inspiring work here.

The highlights would be in no particular order Jure Prek, Brandon Beckstead, Dan “the Dan” Barker, Mike Stern, Eric Lutha, Deter Brown, Peter Devlin and my ex classmates Ales Mav, Maciek Gliwa, Kickboxer Larisa Kotnik ;-)

Some of them have already found employment in big studios and that’s well deserved!


AM Rachel Ito did an amazing work on lighting some of the best shots.


One Response to “How about a pickle?”

  1. Erlend Sakshaug on March 15th, 2007 10:12

    WOW! Great work everyone!
    I just loved the way Larisa Kotnik handles that piece :)
    I wish I could move like that!

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