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Les soeurs jumelles

Posted on March 16, 2007  1 Comment
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I couldn’t find sleep this morning and after a very early wake up 4am started drawing on my tabletPC. By the way, Sketchbook rocks. First because the sketching feeling is amaaazzzziiingg even with a 7 years old wacom UltraPad pen and second because the CPU use on my HP 4200 is a stable 20% which is great for the battery life when you are having a coffee at Starbucks.

Because of the wide array of customizable brushes Photoshop CS2 is excellent but the CPU use goes up to 100% which triggers the CPU fan too frequently for my liking.


One Response to “Les soeurs jumelles”

  1. AnimZiggy on March 16th, 2007 10:11

    i like the one on the left, a bit of a sleepy head like you at 4am :P
    i can see them in 3D fighting with each other.

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