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Max and Co

Posted on October 23, 2007  3 Comments
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Despite a very bland name the movie is a must see. Reluctantly I went to the screening at Annecy this summer and was blown away. Cinemagination‘s “Max and Co” is a funny stop motion feature made in Switzerland which I recommend you to see.

There is a finally a trailer online so run!



3 Responses to “Max and Co”

  1. David Alvarez on October 24th, 2007 10:54

    Hi Olive just visiting your blog, congrats for your position at Rare, I hope you have a great time there. ;D

  2. Olivier Ladeuix on October 29th, 2007 15:40

    hey man, nice to hear from you, where have you been all that time?? I am gonna check your blog now, hopefully you have some content on it!

  3. David Alvarez on November 10th, 2007 23:58

    Hi Olive, unfourtunally thouse martians who abdubted me didn’t let me to much free time to work in new stuff, you know always keeping me busy with thouse crazy experiments… :D
    But now I’m again on planet earth I hope to update my blog often and not dissapear again.

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