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“Daphne’s new broom”

Posted on March 18, 2008  3 Comments
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At Animation Mentor I was lucky to have some great mentors but also to to be in the same class as few animators extraordinaire. Here are two I would like to mention today, Ales Mav and Maciek Gliwa

Ales Mav was featured few times I think on the Animation Mentor showreel and he is also the director of CG Talk front page short “Daphne’s new broom”


He obviously animated the entire short but also took care of the rigging, modeling, lighting and rendering. The facial could have benefited of a little bit more work but for a 2 minutes 30 short done by one guy in half a year, I think this is just amazing.

Now Maciek Gliwa was equally featured on the animation mentor showreel at least once or twice for his famous baseball pitch but I wanted to feature him because he is a very nice guy despite being very tall ;-) and because he should be joining a prestigious feature animation studio in California sometime this year. Don’t forget to check this animatic he did a while ago for a football kick.


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