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Short background first digital test

Posted on April 15, 2008 
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I finally realised that I wouldn’t need to buy hundreds of pound worth of paint, sponge,rollers to do the backgrounds for my short but use the regular Photoshop instead. Here is a quick test in the spirit of the 1950s cartoons.

Annecy Animation festival

Posted on April 6, 2008 
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The Annecy festival is taking place in June from the 9th to 14th . In case you haven’t booked your flat or hotel room yet, here is a map from Google maps. I drew 2 circles around the Main Bonlieu festival center and the Mifa. The distance between Mifa and Bonlieu is around 10 minutes walk. You can also rent bicycles for free to travel between the two locations.


Tear off Maya Channel box

Posted on April 5, 2008 
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Hey guys I found a really nice little script that allows you to hide the standard Channel box and use a flying one instead. You can download the script from here: Highend 3d and here is a little demo to show you how I use it I guess the next step would be to make the Layer box fly as well. Let me know if you have any idea how to do that too.


[edit] David Bernal pointed me to a Layer Manager that can replace the Maya one and also brings the Photoshop layer folders to Maya. Here it is Hierarchic Display Manager

11 seconds club

Posted on April 4, 2008 
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The former 10 seconds club died few years back but the “11 seconds club” has been alive for the past few month and the level is now really steep. Animation Mentor is also sponsoring the monthly character animation competition and the winner gets his shot “eCritiqued” by one of the fantastic Animation Mentor mentors.

Like I said the level is really high. I know some of the top contestants through the school and they have sinced been snapped up by top feature studios like my friend Philip To or are about to rock the animation industry like brazilian AM student, Bruno Monteiro. Bruno won the “11 seconds club” competion twice if I remember correctly and at school he constantly mixes 2d and 3d. It’s a pure joy to see his assignments every weeks.

Anyway February’s competition was won by Phillip Hall for his really entertaining piece so go and watch it , then have a look at what Dreamworks Dave Burgess had to say about it. Arcs, staging, twinning, opposite actions, a 15 minutes animation lectures for free thanks to Animation Mentor and “11 seconds club”.


601 bis, some of my classmates

Posted on April 2, 2008 
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we didn’t have time to speak with everyone this week so here is a mugshot of the people we met today. Shad is currently in games working for Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and previously worked¬† on “Curious George”. Ron used to work at Secret Level game studio until Dreamworks snapped him up. The last game he worked on is Iron Man! How cool is that! My favourite superhero!