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SBP Diary / Calendar+

Posted on March 15, 2009  Leave a Comment
Filed under GTD, Life hack, Windows Mobile

sbpThanks to my coworker Matt, I discovered the free application Calendar+ for my Windows Mobile phone. It is free and it is really good when used with SBP Diary. The way I set up my Home/Today screen is to have Calendar + to display my calendar at the top of the screen and SBP Diary right underneath to display my Tasks.

I really like having my next “physical actions” in my calendar as I can easily track how long or when I accomplished a task but when I need to shift a series of “all day events”, then things become a bit more complicated. Anyway this new setup should be a bit more GTD so let see how it goes in the next few weeks.

Ah I am now displaying the SBP Diary tabs horizontally. It is good to have big buttons but they do take a lot of space….

Here are some screenshots I took with Ilium “Screen capture” freeware


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