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Modeling “Rickshaw” timelapse part 01

Posted on September 30, 2009  Leave a Comment
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I always wanted to record a modeling session timelapse but wasn’t too sure I would be able to finish a full model while being recorded. I also had no clue how fast I was at modeling and was worried I would make too many mistakes. Just like everything, if you don’t try, you will never know!


The session went pretty well, there were few hesitations on the mud cover for the front wheel but the rest went very smoothly. Unfortunately I don’t have too much experience with the screenshot software so the first hour was overwritten by the second hour of work.

This is therefore the second hour of a 2 hour modeling session of a Rickshaw for a little pantomime I have had in the backburner for the past 2 years. Each image represent 1 second and the final output was 24 fps which in retrospect seems a bit too fast. I will try 12 fps next time.

Rickshaw low polygon modeling

Rickshaw low polygon modeling


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