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Asus ep121 artist demo

Posted on September 7, 2011 
Filed Under Animation, Drawings, Tablet PC | 1 Comment

Matthew Tardiff just sent me a link to a video he made demonstrating the Asus ep121 TabletPC in use with Sketchbook pro, Maya and my old beloved TV Paint. Check it out he paired it with a fancy tiny portable keyboard.

via Lopsided circle

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“Paths of Hate” cloud making

Posted on September 6, 2011 
Filed Under Education | Leave a Comment

My old Spiraloid buddy Eugene Mishibinijima just posted a tutorial based on the fast rendering Cloud making technique demonstrated by Platige image and “Paths of Hate” creator Damian Nenow.

The technique is shown for 3dsmax but I am pretty sure it could apply to Maya as it relies on vertex colours and Vray, both available in Maya.

Here is the Siggraph presentation if you missed it, followed by Eugene’s tutorial.

via Itsartmage

Asus eee slate ep121 Zbrush demo

Posted on September 5, 2011 
Filed Under Tablet PC | 2 Comments

Here is an interesting video made by one of my Animation Mentor fellow showcasing the Asus ep121 used with Zbrush.

The ep121 is a TabletPC equipped with an intel i5 cpu and a standard issued wacom digitizer. The video doesn’t show anything really revolutionary but it is always nice to see professional artist softwares demonstrated on a TabletPC. I still don’t understand why TabletPC makers only target business people when artists would jump on those if they new they existed. The ep121 is on sale for a bit more than $1000/less than 1000 euros.

I already have several tablet PC so I don’t think I will get that one but who knows what will happen when I see it at BestBuy in Emeryville!

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Pixar Brave D23, concept art part II

Posted on September 5, 2011 
Filed Under Animation | 2 Comments

Youtube user SpecialSailorMiss just uploaded a second and final video showcasing some concept art and visual development from summer 2012’s Pixar movie “Brave”.

The previous revealed artworks are available at the links below that post.

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Stop Motion experiment by 23Lunes

Posted on September 2, 2011 
Filed Under Animation | 3 Comments

Stop Motion animators probably hate CG animation as much as we hate Motion capture ;-)

Fun little experiment by spanish studio 23Lunes. The character is very appealing and nicely animated!


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