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“John Carter of Mars” December trailer

Posted on December 2, 2011  Leave a Comment
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A new trailer for Edgard Rice Burrough’s “Princess of Mars” screen adaptation just came out. The movie is a mix of live action and CG directed by Pixar’s Andrew Stanton.

I read the 1911 original story few month ago so it is really nice to see how the words have been translated to the screen> This is looking pretty exciting! The CG and compositing look a little bit to CGey in places but overall this should be a great movie!

Reading the comments on Youtube is so funny, most people are comparing it to Star Wars and Avatar when Edgard Rice Burrough actually published the Barsoom’s novels something like 70 years prior to those movies so if someone copied anyone, that would probably be George Lucas or James Cameron. If you read the books you will be blown away by the stuff Burrough came up with, this guy was a real genius.

With nine novels in the series, if the movie does well, Disney will have found a really profitable I.P.


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