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Pixar Brave Wireframes

Posted on June 26, 2012  4 Comments
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Ever wondered how dense those Pixar meshes are? I have!

You are in luck, Pixar just released some video footage where we can see the wireframe mesh of both Queen Elinor and King Fergus!

Except the helmet, hair and moustache the mesh is pretty dense. I wonder whether they add one more pass of smoothing at render time though.

Those are probably not the low poly meshes anyway but we can already notice an E pole on the cheeks. This could possibly means Pixar doesn’t use Nurbs surfaces anymore.

Click to zoom in.

And here is the Behind the Scenes video with, 2 minutes into it, Animation Collaborative‘s Michal Makarewicz. (a great school to attend if you are in the San Francisco area or crazy enough to relocate for three month ;-) )

via Keith Ribbons

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4 Responses to “Pixar Brave Wireframes”

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  2. Eric Rizz on October 28th, 2012 23:07

    I think you will find they stopped using Nurbs a long time ago, as for the mesh if i had to guess i’d say it’s a non-isoline display, this is showing you all the subdivisions, so if that was set at 3 one polygon is being divided 3 times, for each 1 initial polygon it displaying 16 faces, needless to say, you can’t manipulate something that dense, i doubt even in Zbruch you would have enough control. They used to be so secretive about wireframes its refreshing to see these, humanizes the company somewhat. √† bon entendeur, salut! ;)

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