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“Souvenir souvenir”. psy_yy25

Posted on January 12, 2021 
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Animation is a time intensive process and the production had a really tight deadline with a 3 month budget for the CG animation. The shortfilm plays on two timelines and Bastien wasn’t quite sure yet how much of the 18 minutes I would be animating so I had to use my time very wisely.

For most of the body mechanics shots I therefore adopted a TV series workflow to try to go as fast possible but for some complicated sequences where the acting could be interpreted in various ways,  I settled for video references which gave us a solid foundation even if we tweaked it a bit once in the 3d software then the 2d software.

Here you can see one of my video references on the corner, a 3d version on the top right and Bastien’s final touch on the left where he would do his magic.

(sorry I didn’t sync the audio very well between the preview and the final output)

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