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“Arcane” (Fortiche/Riot games)

Posted on August 5, 2022 
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[Just to organise things a bit, instead of having separate posts for the same movie, TV show, I will keep updating the original post so you should consider those blog entries as work in progress and would invite you to revisit them once in a while.]

I am surprised I never posted about it… ah actually I did on Facebook but the way things are going, it is time to get back to blogs.

So like an UFO, Arcane crashed in our tidy little animation garden and blew everyone away.

The cel-shaded look wasn’t revolutionnary for anyone who has been in the industry for a while. It immediately reminded me of Aardman’s Pierce Sisters and even more “Meet buck” and “Salesman Pete” by Supinfocom dropouts Marc and Denis Bouyer .

Personally what blew me away was the story and the acting. Jinx acting is just unbelieavable and is a masterclass in secondary action. I will have to write a blog post just on that topic! The acting and the story wouldn’t work as well if they weren’t also served by some incredible storyboards/layouts and camera work obviously.

So here is a collection of behind the scenes, interviews, related articles and interesting videos I found on the net starting with the first of a 5 parts making-of series that just got released:

The following Making-of video is an older one:

Interview with Arcane’s anim sup Barth Maunoury”Our goal was to find a good balance between realism and ‘cartoon’ style. Since our characters have semi-realistic proportions, they have to move and behave in a realistic way with weight and solid body-mechanics. But to keep the appeal and avoid any uncanny valley effect, we also had to bring traditional animation techniques. That’s why we didn’t do mocap [motion capture] but only keyframe animation that allows us to control our acting performance and aesthetic.”

Alexis Wanneroy shares how the most successful Netflix show of all time came to fruition