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Autorig tutorial prep work 02

Posted on February 27, 2010  4 Comments
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Here is a video showing the modeling process for my tribute to Pixar’s “Up”.

You can double click to see the video in Full screen but if you first click on the Vimeo logo you will be able to see it in full 1600×1200. You might also be able to download the video from Vimeo, it is in Xvid/Divx, sorry I don’t have Quicktime pro but Virtual Dub or KMplayer allow you to go frame by frame if needed.


It is only the rough blocking of the shapes but I am sure some of you might still find this useful.

I ran onto a lot of issues caused by my vertex targetWeld mel script towards the end, which is why you will see me doing a lot of double/triple faces clean up. I am now using the Maya built in  “target weld” tool that came with Maya 2009. It is a bit buggy but at least it doesn’t create laminar faces.

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