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‘Pressing matters’ 03 rough first pass

Posted on June 15, 2012 
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This is part 03. I started to use a more classic Photoshop brush, I am still not sure which one looks best, not that I am fluent with any of them though ;-)

Ah Toby Shelton just updated his blog with some awesome Kung Fu Panda boards. I really like his Sharpie looking brush… might try that one! (Thanks Nolwenn for the heads up)

‘Pressing matters’ 02 rough first pass

Posted on June 14, 2012 
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This is the second panel, you read it from left to right.

‘Pressing matters’ 01 rough first pass

Posted on June 13, 2012 
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You saw it here first ! ;-)

Just so you don’t get mistaken, this is a short film I am working on. Well, I am only interested in telling stories those days so it might just stay in the state of boards.

This is the first time I use Photoshop for storyboarding so bare with me if it looks a bit rough. I will probably do a clean up version afterwards anyway. I have few more sheets coming in the next few days and you can expect the character design and the drawing style to change a bit as we go along. Let me know what you think!

Long chair modeling timelapse

Posted on April 3, 2010 
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What are you supposed to do on Easter bank holiday, work on your short film right?

Here is a series of timelapse video where you can follow me modeling one of the main props for my short film.

Today I am gonna tackle the cartoony rigging of this guy so it ties a bit better with shot 12. I am keeping in mind to make the props looks a bit more wonkey but the rig could help for that.

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Shot 12 final
Props done

Thirsty got ears

Posted on September 23, 2009 
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I just finished modeling a nice set of vampire ears for Bishop. Cartoony 3d ears are usually simplified to the Helix (ie Pixar “Up”) but I felt the need to model the Antihelix and Antihelical fold.

Vampire ears

Vampire ears

Shot 08 Work in progress

Posted on September 18, 2009 
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Following Mike Stern’s tip on the latest Animation Mentor newsletter, I have decided to bring all my shots to the same level of progress, then focus on the polish. That one was one of the most advanced ones but I have tweaked the camera slightly and might end up cutting it in two for the last part.

Anyway, I am posting this as it is right now and will do the editing once I have all the other shots.



Link Name

Shot 01 refining

Posted on September 17, 2009 
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here is the first shot from my shortfilm. The elbow is very jittery as I can’t remember where to find the IK elbow. Hope you like it though

Shot 12 final

Posted on September 16, 2009 
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Well that’s it for now. Here is the final pass for that shot. The long chair will still be tweaked later (the design is still WIP) but I am now moving to the next shot. Hope you like it. Shoot any comments

Props done

Posted on September 15, 2009 
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I just finished modeling the props needed for the first shots of my short film. The sink was originally modeled in Maya 8.5 but I have had to do some heavy cleanup on the mesh when I imported it into Maya 2009.

For some reason some faces were duplicated and normal inverted. Anyway it is done I am very pleased with the freshly modeled Victorian tap. I might add a bit of texturing but most of the work will be with the rendering. I was tempted to make the props a bit more cartoony but will keep them like this for the time being.

No fancy GI and no wireframe for the moment, just a quick turnaround with Maya’s hardware render buffer (thanks Tobias!)

Victorian tap and sink

Victorian tap and sink

Shot 12 work in progress

Posted on September 13, 2009 
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This is one of the shots from my short film. Our little guy is a vampire who fell asleep and wakens up realising that he is burning. The shot is still in step (well most of it is blocked on ones anyway)

I have reframed the shot compared to the original version I did during Animation Mentor but something is bothering me. I am gonna keep it this way for the time being and we will see how it works in continuity with the previous and next shots.
I haven’t yet worked on the legs/steps once he lands as I am still unsure about how long he will stay in the air. Do you think this is too long or just enough?

Also the combination of legs/arms flalling makes it a really busy silhouette, should I just animate the legs and keep his arms frozen forward? I will check some old Warner Brother cartoons and try to find some answers tomorrow.

I will also do a proper rig for the long chair tomorrow just so I can give it a more organic feel to it (think Gobelins short films)

[update] looking at it with fresh eyes, I think I will start the shot a bit later and keep the take for the previous shot. The framing will look better.

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