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Mike Walling walkthrough

Posted on November 24, 2010  10 Comments
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Jason Ryan just announced a very cool body mechanics walkthrough by Dreamworks/ex Blue Sky animator/Animation Mentor animator Mike Walling.

Even if I have enough experience with body mechanics, at $29.99, I couldn’t resist and bought it immediately. I just wanted to hear Mike’s approach to that kind of shot and confront it with my own workflow.

The video is also featuring Victor Vinyals and Oli Josman latest rig “Skyscraper” a very good looking heroic rig I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on, it is so appealing! I might actually join Ianimate next term and eventually get that rig.

Here are the links to Jason Ryan website and the direct link to the store

Reading Victor’s blog I realised that he might give away his old Businessman rig very soon!

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